Strategic Plan


The Health Centre offers a wide range of essential services including Acute Care, Chronic Care, Emergency and Ambulance Services, Health Education, Wellness programs and Community Outreach.

Our Vision

Achieve excellence in health for life.

A vision statement is sometimes called the picture of an organization in the future. It answers the question: "Where do we want to go?" It reminds us of what we are trying to create. It is our common goal, but it does not contain the details about how we will get there. It is our inspiration.

Our Mission

A provider and partner in the delivery of exceptional health CARE.

Our mission statement answers the question: "Why do we exist?" It clearly explains our purpose to the public and to everyone who works here. The difference between our Mission Statement and our Vision Statement is that our Mission focuses on the health centres present state and ongoing operation, while the Vision is our shared goal for the future. OUR CREDO We Care for People.



We believe that every person within and relating to WPSHC has distinct physical, psychological, social, emotional and spiritual needs which must be compassionately addressed with dignity, care, respect and empathy.


We believe that WPSHC is accountable for providing the best possible outcomes of care constantly seeking out ways to improve quality and service; promoting a learning environment; fostering essential partnerships and linkages; and being efficient and effective resource managers.


We believe that every person has the right to access quality health care and to participate in decisions affecting that care, and that every person has a responsibility for his/her own health. We believe that every person has the right to a healthy workplace and to participate in decisions affecting that workplace; and that everyone has the responsibility to contribute to that environment.


We believe that WPSHC strives to be a model of excellence in the services it provides, in the environment in which it operates, and in all the processes utilized in the provision of those services.


We believe that safety is lived and actively encouraged every day as a shared responsibility among those providing, supporting, and receiving care. We work hard to maintain and promote all aspects of safety including physical and emotional safety through staff participation, education, increased awareness, managing risk, and eliminating harm.

Help West Parry Sound Health Centre create a new Strategic Plan for 2015-2020. Please read this attachment and respond to our questions.