Joint Replacement Education

Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement Education 

Resources for Total Hip Replacement: 

  1.  Information booklet “A Guide for Patients having a Hip Replacement” link: 

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  2.  Total Hip Replacement Educational Video link:

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  3.  Total Hip Replacement - equipment list: 

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Resources for Total Knee Replacement: 


  1.  Information booklet - “A Guide for Patients having a Knee Replacement” link”

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  2. Total Knee Replacement Educational Video link: 

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  3.  Total Knee Replacement – equipment list: 

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Arranging physiotherapy for after your surgery:  

Every patient has a choice where they would like to receive care. For total hip and total knee replacements, the government provides funding for specific physiotherapy clinics. The physiotherapy clinic you choose must provide what is called bundled care funding. To prevent paying out of pocket, you will need to ask the clinic you inquire with if they provide this type of funding.  Below is a link to the physiotherapy clinics that provide bundled care funding. 

OHIP providers link - 

If you decide to receive physiotherapy in the Parry Sound area, it will be provided by the outpatient physiotherapy department at the West Parry Sound Health Centre (1st floor).   You will not be required to arrange your first physiotherapy appointment.  It will be arranged while in hospital.