North East Joint Assessment Centre

What is NEJAC?

NEJAC stands for North East Joint Assessment Centres. The North East LHIN is helping to reduce wait times for hip and knee replacement surgeries across the North East through patient focused North East Joint Assessment Centres (NEJAC). The Parry Sound Joint Assessment Centre provides a comprehensive assessment for patients suffering from hip and knee problems by an advanced practice physiotherapist (APP). Currently there are 5 joint assessment centres in the NE LHIN: North Bay, Sudbury, Sault Ste Marie, Timmins and Parry Sound.

What happens if I need Surgery?

During the assessment surgical options may be discussed. If the decision is to proceed with surgery patients are given the option of being referred to Dr. Smyth ( The wait time for this consult appointment is currently 7 weeks. If another surgeon within the LHIN or the next available surgeon in the LHIN is requested, the referral is forwarded accordingly. If surgery is not the best option more conservative management is discussed. This may include medications, injections and/or physiotherapy. Should conservative measures be ineffective patients are followed up to discuss options.

How do I get referred to the NEJAC in Parry Sound

A referral from a physician or nurse practitioner is required to access the centre. A consultation with the Advanced Practice Physiotherapist (APP) will be organized within 1-2 weeks of the received referral date. You can find the form below.