Ontario Telemedicine

The Telemedicine Dept. of WPSHC uses the non-profit organization Ontario Telemedicine Network to connect patients with their consultants across the province by videoconference.  Patients are typically located in Parry Sound, while the consultant is located in other communities.  These appointments are an alternative to having to travel outside the Parry Sound area to see your specialist.  We endeavor to make these appointments as close as possible to an in-person visit.  We have at our disposal a regular camera for interview style conversations.  We also have a camera for close ups of your wounds, post-op incisions or skin lesion.  Another camera is used for ear, nose and throat assessments.  The dept. is also able to connect a stethoscope up using Bluetooth technology to allow the consultant to hear your heart, lung and abdominal sounds.  Please let staff know if you are hard of hearing as we have a pair of headphones you may borrow.

A full-time RN and a part-time RPN staff the Telemedicine dept.  Staff will complete any assessments required by the consultant.  A staff member will sit in on the appointment to assist with any technical issues, any further assessments the consultants wishes done and to provide you the patient with support. 

What to bring to your telemedicine appointment;

-  All your medications including over the counter medications, herbs, puffers, etc.

-  Any logs you may have been asked to keep (eg. blood pressure, blood sugar level) by your consultant

-  Any questions you or your family have for the consultant

-  Any issues or concerns you wish to discuss

-  A family member or friend who can take notes for you

Please remember to arrive 20 minutes early to register for your appointment at admitting.  (To the left as you come in the main entrance)  You will then take the elevator to first floor, once off the elevator, look across the hall to the left and you will see the waiting area for Telemedicine. 

To contact the Telemedicine Dept., call 705-746-4540 ext. 1403

or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.